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A few weeks back I sent my semi-vegetarian girlfriend a link to PETA, as they had some decent recipes for meatless meals. She decided to become a member, as she is against the cruel and inhuman treatment of animals. Being a new member, PETA sent out a “welcome” mailer that contains some additional recipes and ridiculous amounts of heavy handed propaganda.

Much of the “welcome” mailer was highly suggestive propaganda that would make even vegetarians feel guilty for still eating fish or anything derived from an animal. There was a section called “Meet your meat,” which goes into great details of the various cruel practices that go into bringing meat to your table. After describing these practices as if they were the standard, they lightly mention that these practices are outlawed in some and becoming outlawed in many additional countries. The United States is one of the many countries that this practice is already outlawed. Which means, the meat that is available to the people PETA is preaching to doesn’t go through these inhuman ordeals. In fact the USDA just recently recalled millions of tons of beef simply because the factory-farm violated these rules, making it the largest beef recall in US history.

I’m not saying factory farming is a good thing or that it can’t be improved for the benefit of the animals, the consumers and even the farms. I am completely offended by the methods being used by PETA to “suggest” these inhumanities are daily practices. Rather then give their members clear information on why Vegan is beneficial to animals, personal health, and the environment, they try forcing it upon the reader with highly graphic and suggestive implications. It falls just shy of blatant lying. And since they are targeting/preaching to those that already have leaning that direction I’m sure its effective but then again so is that of various hate groups.

Personally, I would hope that PETA could focus on some of the real issues involving animals here in States rather then use suggestive language and implied falsehoods to build support. I’m sure many of their members don’t agree with their over zealousness or method of propaganda, but joined to show support for animal rights in general. As this was the case for my girlfriend.


It’s 5:45 am on a Sunday morning and the last thing I want is to be awake and going out into the cold.  I think this is pretty universal.  Well my boy has other ideas.  Generally he’s more accurate then an alarm clock, but that’s not for another hour, so it means this request to go out is one I have to take seriously.

Once ouside the beauty of a sunrise starts to set in.  The sky is clear and filled with a vibrant gradation of soft blues.  The moon looms gently above the silhouettes of trees and rooftops.  The air is still and world is silent.

It’s actually quite nice to experience…once in a while.  For now I’m still awake and the sounds of the city coming to life is apparent, keeping me from returning back to where I should be at this hour.  Asleep.